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Meet the dedicated individuals behind the Sam Onyemaechi Humanitarian Foundation who are passionate about making a difference:

 Leadership Team

– Founder and President: Rev. Fr Samuel Akaraonye – Leading the organization with vision, dedication, and a commitment to humanitarian values.

Executive Director: Mr. Maximus Chilaka- Overseeing the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the foundation.

Program Director:- Rosita James: Managing program development and implementation to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness.

Advisory Board

– Chairperson: Mr. Canis Obinna- Providing strategic guidance and expertise in humanitarian aid and community development.

Board Member: Leona Nnenna Oham- Bringing valuable insights and experience in fundraising and resource mobilization.

 Field Team

Community Development Officer:Joseph Brown- Working closely with local communities to identify needs and implement sustainable development projects.

Child Welfare Coordinator: Michael Ememgamha- Ensuring the well-being and protection of children through comprehensive support and care programs.

Disaster Response Coordinator: Rita Mordi- Leading emergency response efforts and coordinating relief assistance during disasters and crises.


Samuel Ifeanyi Akaraonye, Founder/CEO

Volunteer field workers

Mr. Canis Obinna, Community outreach Coordinator

Oham Nnenna Leona, Volunteer Coordinator

Marija Wirkaichen, Change Agent Network (CAN)

Mr Azuka Edokobi, Change Agent Network (CAN)

Rosita James, Finance and operations manager

Thecla Ugochi Aririguzo, Communication Specialist

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