What we do​

We believe in transformation of lives and development of communities and to see the quality of lives transformed, championing social reforms for better living conditions

We engage in humanitarian services to the indigent. Imparting life among the poor in rural communities focusing on the orphans, displaced,  vulnerable youths and widows, feeding and clothing the insane roaming the street.

Eighty per cent (80%) beneficiaries of this foundation are street hawkers, Orphans, school dropouts and widows who have no one to care for them. Some of them who are gifted in different fields of life have been turned to street hawkers. We picked them up so as to restore hope and confidence in them and to assist them to actualize their potentials to be resourceful both in the community, the Church and the nation at large; because in them we see future leaders of tomorrow

The Foundation adopted: a holistic approach in providing healthcare and rehabilitative care services to people, Bringing succor to the less privileged through financial aid with the help of friends to start small scale businesses, providing scholarship to indigent students and aiding skills development in the communities. All these and many more were voluntary work. Humanitarian services to mentally deranged (Insane).

With the passion I have in Humanitarian services for the indigent and less privileged in the society, the number of beneficiaries especially the mentally deranged(Insane) roaming the street are increasing day by day.

Restaurateurs in different strategic points; Market squares, in different communities and States are selected, paid monthly and instructed to feed any of them that comes around their restaurant and to treat them like human beings.

These are our fellow brothers and sisters whom societies reject, who have no one to care for them and are left aimlessly to roam the street. I picked them up to put life in them.

With your support we can make a difference and build the society. Let’s join hands together and make our society a better place of living.

Projects To Embark On

This foundation seeks; to build progressive self-reliant communities, adopting a holistic approach by providing services in healthcare and rehabilitative care, bring succour to the less privileged through financial aid to start small scale businesses, providing scholarship scheme to indigent students, and aid skills development(entrepreneurship).
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