International Day of People with Disabilities

International Day of People with Disabilities.

International Day of People with Disabilities
list of ngos in usaMy meeting with Nick in September 18, 2018, changed my perception about people with disabilities and in disadvantaged situations. Nick was sitting on the corner of a very busy road in one of the cities in Lagos… He was holding a sign board in his hand with the inscription, “Please help me! I am an orphan, I am blind”. Even though the road was very busy and had huge traffic, people barely noticed the poor boy begging for help. Almost half the day passed but he didn’t receive many donations. That’s when I stopped in front of the  boy. I threw some coins in his bowl. Then I took the signboard from his hand. I wrote something on the board and gave it back to him. I left after changing the words on the board. Since then the boy started receiving lots of donations. Everyone that passed by threw coins in his bowl. He wondered what i’d written on his signboard, because that was the turning point for him.
A few days later…I returned to the same road en route to the grocery store…I threw some coins in his bowl just like the last time. Even though Nick was blind… He recognized me through my voice and body perfume.
 Nick was curious about the writing on the signboard. So he ask, “what did you do that day” “Ever since you made a change in my signboard, I’ve been receiving lots of donations” I replied and told him, ” I just made a little change in your signboard” The man asked curiously, “and what was that” and I answered, what I’d written was…”today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it” Nick replied, But the meaning of the line are not the same” “why are people making a lot of donations now?” I answered in replied…”yes I know.” “But the first sign just told them that you are blind.” list of ngos in usa
The second sign made them realize that they weren’t
blind, “it made them realize how privileged they were” “it made them connect with you” the man now understood very well, we don’t realize something’s value while we have it. Most of us realize the true value of something after its has gone. Nick’s life made  people understand the value of our sight. That’s why they could sympathize with him. Live life freely and enjoy every moment of your life… You might not get this opportunity again.
P.S. Please don’t think that any amount of money is too small to support the disabilities in our midst. Honestly, $5 is plenty. You shouldn’t feel you have to give any more than that. I believe there are enough people who care about this blind boy and his cause that with $5 each, we will pass the goal easily.
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