International women's day


International women's day

Felicia’s dream was to be a Computer EngineerFemale computer engineer coding for she had always enjoyed seeing people work with computers, she was fascinated by computers but her father was not interested in spending money in educating a girl child through the university but all her brothers are graduates.
Takka was only twelve years old when she was given out in marriage to a rich man as a payment for all the debts incurred by her family while working for him. Takka is currently 20 years old but she avoids being seen because she is suffering from Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and the people around her make mockery of her every time she steps out. She is contemplating on taking her life; she is tired of her life.
The cry of a baby in Janet’s family after being married for six years brought great joy and happiness in her life. She was overwhelmed with joy and swore to make sure her baby girl had a blissful life. Gebe advised Janet to take the baby for the female circumcision to prevent her from being promiscuous when she grows up. Janet did not want her child to live a wayward life and so she took her child to be circumcised. The traditional doctor used unsterilized tools on the baby and three days after, the newborn caught a serious infection but died soon afterwards for her body could not resist the infections.
Domestic violenceSica was in an abusive marriage, her husband was always using her as a punching bag but she was scared of leaving the marriage, she was scared of being divorced. What will people say? Will my family allow me back? What about my children? She always thought.
The trials and challenges women face every day is overwhelming and it differs from one location to another. Women over the world suffer from neglect, lack of education, violation of their rights and a whole lot of other vices.
According to statistics, we have about 51% female population in the world and the International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March. It began after women went on strike in New York City in 1908, and marched round the city to protest against their working conditions. The International Women’s day is a day to celebrate women all around the world regardless of their ethnicity, religion or educational background.

It is a day to promote the rights of women and to remind them that there is hope for every female in the world.
The challenges women face every day include:
Female inequality
Domestic violence
Female genital mutilation/female circumcision
Violation of human rights
Rape and harassment
The plights women suffer from can be curbed with the following:
Empowering womenINTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY Educating the girl child
Teaching of human rights to women
Improving the health services/maternal care
Fighting for the equality of women in the society
Embracing the uniqueness of being a woman
Subsidizing the cost of menstrual kits.
Encouraging women to learn skills
Teaching women to speak out when they are wronged.
Remember to always remind the females around you that there is no limit to what can be achieved; tell them of women around the world who are great achievers.

A Call to Action:


Mentoring 5000 women Entrepreneurs in Southeast, Nigeria.

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